Trick Photography Ideas

From seasoned professionals with thousands of dollars worth of equipment to a guy with a lone disposable camera, people will tell you that the world of photography is very fun and addictive. Every day people are looking for innovative ways to display their creativity and building up portfolios that will capture images for a lifetime. As technologies have advanced, the results can be especially noticed in the photography world. Digital photography presents crystal clear images and trick photography is easy to emulate through applications such as Instagram.Trick photography presents a new way to look at the world through routine encounters. Using techniques such as high dynamic imaging can forever enshrine even the simplest picture of a barn. The photographer can use shadows and reflection to magnify the green grass or the effect of the setting sun against the barn’s siding. Landscaping photographs are especially magnified through high dynamic imaging as mountain peaks and plains can be especially enhanced through the reflection of a trickling stream.To enhance standard events in life such as cars waiting in traffic, trick photography known as tilt-shift imaging is used. This tactic gives a ‘miniaturizing’ effect and the cars look like toys, possibly even like a school diorama.You’ve probably also seen long-exposure trick photography images in use all around you. This particular process involves the cameras image sensor being exposed to light longer. Pictures that use this digital photography tactic include those that capture trails of moving lights, blurs of traffic passing by, and a waterfall that appears perpetually in motion.Other advances of trick photography that can be achieved even by amateurs is manipulation through depth perception. By standing directly in front of a camera and positioning the background accordingly it can appear that a person is holding the Eiffel Tower, standing at the same level as the Statue of Liberty or crushing the heads of the presidents on Mount Rushmore.The great thing about digital photography is that it totally depends on the user how deep they want to delve. You can have just a bunch of cool pictures laying around or you can prepare your own art exhibit. Likewise, high-tech cameras and editing equipment can be purchased or you can simply use a cell-phone application. Technology has made it easier to produce better photographs as gone are the days of spending hours in the dark room and software has enabled us to provide headshots to those with no good sides!

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